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Tuesday, January 16th

Aaron Rogers Interview with Allison from Discover the Dinosaurs: Time Trek


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Aaron Rodgers with mix when a five point alignment talking with Alison. From discover that dinosaurs and a big weekend at Alliant Energy center how are you today. I'm great so kids families. Especially with the cold weather that we've been having this is a great. Exhibit in a great feature pretty much to check out this week in line energy center. Tell us a little bit about this year's interactive exhibit. Absolutely does this year we have. I'm sorry I like. Car but we also have sure. We're bringing it ain't got or caught on in that attack large mammals and other sea creature it lecture. And one of our check it Courtney Lee and even actually in real time isn't it. We all had the really clipping you. It shows that you can participate in that game shall we have a challenge now which is at he'd seen. That helped train you to be a clean it up and feel we also have a forum meeting and eco guilt and. I don't who died yet. I'm. Not. Be. So. From a hands on perspective there's a lot to do at discover the dinosaurs this weekend Alliant Energy center. Absolutely we have so many. Things that have to do with Darian and I feel like we have a bond. I came out you can get your own diet are bound you can even build your contact eight. Says something to do for everybody tells a little bit about the mission challenge or this maze that I keep seeing. Absolutely and I think that I'm missing Mickey and challenged. And as you need a physical activity that help. You out where people find it right out to be careful carry. Lab or it out seeking an art you know it has like allotment. Act. And we cannot repeat them here at the wind. And I can count on and build them back you can also a couple of three. You cannot occur they impact the show. They count UT out and thirteen Q delta and our bodies and we play very wary got pictures and act like it. Out of go with the kids being a better jars in the adults when it comes that. You know prime time and they you know most of the time they act so it's not hard straightforward approach that at all I think can get creative minds right. Is it weird that I have a couple friends and myself coming interest in like what this guy no group feel so I. A lot of people should look or act. It. Again talking with Allison from discover the dinosaurs time track Saturday and Sunday Alliant Energy center. Mix 1051 FN dot com for all the information dinosaur time track. Dot com Alison thanks for joining me this morning. Bring a lot can happen if someone thought they are at.