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What's Trending - May 25

Lots to do this weekend. Of course it is Brat Fest this weekend. The weather is going to be beautiful maybe a couple chances of rain tomorrow morning and Sunday morning as well as this afternoon. But, if you're going out to grab your food, maybe your brats maybe you're having a cookout. Make sure... Read More

What's Trending - May 24

Let's start with this new restaurant that's headed in the west side of Madison soon. For those of you who miss Sprecher’s restaurant, it's been gone for several months. A Minneapolis based restaurant chain that's growing in popularity is moving in. It's called Cowboy Jack's Salon and it's going to... Read More

What's Trending May 23

The White House is sinking. There is a sinkhole on the north lawn of the White House and it's growing, apparently every day. So hopefully the White House doesn't fall into it. There’s a lot of jokes that could go along with this, I'm not going to say that for being neutral on the radio. I don't... Read More

What's Trending - May 22

If you're going to be doing any traveling this afternoon, especially if you're down and around the East Washington area by Breese Stevens field. Keep in mind that the queens of the stone age are performing tonight so things are going to get a little hectic, there’s going to be a couple of road... Read More

What's Trending - May 21

Royal Wedding over the weekend, everyone's talking about that! Did you watch it? What did you think? I kind of what to know your thoughts if you were up that early. We're talking about this on our Facebook page and I put a link to an article that I found pretty interesting. It's What You Didn't... Read More

What's Trending - May 18

Lots to get to today! Maybe you stayed up too late last night?! Were you at the midnight showing of Deadpool 2? Can’t wait to see it! Let’s start with a professional soccer team here in Madison. A guy by the name of Peter WILTS has quite the soccer knowledge and has been tasked to bring in a... Read More

LIST: This Year's Most Popular Baby Names

The Social Security Administration just released the list of the top baby names today. On the girl's list, for the second year in a row the top name was Emma. On the boy's list, a new name took over the top spot as Liam was number one. The Social Security Administration compiled the list based on... Read More

LISTEN: Selena Gomez Releases “Back To You”

Selena Gomez is back, and better than ever. The 25-year-old star released her first new single in nearly six months on Thursday (May 10). The track appears on the soundtrack for the second season of 13 Reasons Why . Selena is an executive producer of the popular Netflix series. Season two premieres... Read More