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Dog versus War Machine

Most folks have heard of Dog the Bounty Hunter. He’s had a string of TV shows where he and his crew track down bad guys and bring them to justice. A reality show where a guy with a full-blown camera crew is able to get the drop on unsuspecting fugitives.

He’s on Country Music Television now, and offering to chase War Machine, an MMA fighter wanted in Las Vegas on seven charges, including assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly beating his girlfriend.

Dog tweeted out this warning on Tuesday.

  So far, War Machine hasn’t turned himself in, so it looks like Dog is on the chase.

Let’s hope he’s doing it for the right reasons – and not for the ratings boost or the $10,000 reward that’s up for grabs.

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08/13/2014 9:18PM
Dog versus Dog Machine
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08/14/2014 8:27PM
More than $10k!!!
$10k plus the $5 mil from the network
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