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We're Having a Baby! Wait! I'll Get the Camera!

This could be the most bizarre and intense video you’ve seen in a while.

A mom-to-be in Rosenberg, Texas went into labor in the middle of the night, so the dad-to-be popped her into the car for the ride to the hospital in Houston. Before leaving, though, he strapped his GoPro camera to his head. GoPro gives you the view as if you were seeing through the user’s eyes – great tool for videographers who like to capture action.

What follows is a 95 mile-per-hour race to the hospital, and a delivery just outside the emergency room entrance. One of the more interesting comments from the dad as they took the elevator upstairs: “I got it on video!”

All is well. Mom and baby are doing just fine. The video is going viral.

And now, there’s a new step added to the Guide for Dads on How to Handle Childbirth.
  1. Strap mom safely in the car.
  2. Get the overnight bag with mom’s essentials into the back seat.
  3. Strap on that video camera, and capture the whole thing.

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07/10/2014 10:03AM
We're Having a Baby! Wait! I'll Get the Camera!
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