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Kelly Osbourne Heads to the Tattoo Parlor

So, Kelly Osbourne got herself a new tattoo last week.

She shaved a spot on the left side of her head and had the artist write “Stories” using old typewriter font.

She hasn’t yet explained the significance of the tat. But it’s on the left side of her head. It’s the right side (of the brain, anyway) that’s typically seen as the creative one. Will she be creating stories, or does she just plan to store them on the left side of her brain?

No telling how long she’ll keep this one. She famously removed a tattoo of a keyboard from her arm back in 2010, after coming to the realization that she didn’t even know how to play a piano. Stay tuned..

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06/29/2014 8:53PM
Kelly Osbourne Heads to the Tattoo Parlor
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