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CIA Joins Twitter

It’s a little scary to think that the CIA – the nation’s self-professed “first line of defense” – just joined Twitter on Friday. Its first Tweet was kind of neat, but creepy too. Are they trying to say, “Hey, we’re your friends, and we’re cool too, because we’re on Twitter!”
  The homepage says, “We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.” Okay, guys, that’s sort of a rip-off of the opening of “Star Trek” – which, by the way, came along over 50 years ago. Plus, this going where others cannot go is so much easier if you stay up on the technology.
As of Saturday, the CIA had officially followed 25 other tweetists, but picked up over 487,000 followers. If the counts are accurate – and sure, I buy them, how about you? – then that means more people are following the CIA than the CIA is following.
Uh huh.

06/09/2014 10:56PM
CIA Joins Twitter
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