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Cool Gift for V-Day

So I totally forgot to share my awesome gift from my husband that I got in November for our wedding anniversary.  But then it hit can still use the gift idea for Valentine's Day!  Or Mother's Day or birthdays get the point.    So, it was pretty original and made my heart melt.  It was a necklace and as you can see it has two fingerprints on husbands and my sons.  I thought it was so adorable.  Apparently, they can also do pets and the hubby didn't know this or he would have gotten our little Bella done too.  If you wanna use this gift idea, here's the Facebook of the woman that does them.  Pretty cool!

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01/23/2013 6:58AM
Cool Gift for V-Day
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01/23/2013 8:17AM
Alley it's Jill from Lillydip, thank you do much for your kind words and passing along info. On my impression fingerprints. A friend of mine texted me this am and said Alley Faith just talked about Lilly dip designs. Made me smile. Cheers.
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