Wes: Mornings 6a-9a

The last Movie I saw was: The Lorax....and I started New Years Eve but fell asleep.  I don't go to the theaters and I work weird hours so stayin up late for a flick doesn't work! So 5pm movies with the kids is about it!

I can't wait for: SPRING!!!  Football to start...not college or pro's but this is my 6 year old son Kane's first year playing and we're both pretty pumped up for it!

Right now I can't live without: My girlfriend.  She is an amazing and beautiful woman who makes me laugh, smile and want to be a better man everyday!  Cheesy?  probably.  Do I care?  NOPE!

Band/Artist I'm listening to right now:  I have found my inner red-neck and LOVE Jason Aldean and Zach Brown Band!  But I'm still street and dig Wiz, Kanye and Drake.

The TV show I never miss is: Victorious!  Victoria Justice is gonna be SOOOO hot!

Riggs: Mornings 6a-9a

Hi.  I’m Riggs. 

I have a first name – its Andy.  But everyone calls me Riggs.  Unless you’re my mother, and you are angry that I put the towels in with your delicates, then it’s Andrew. 

I’m 30 years old.  I’ve been married 3 years to my Dutch wife, together we have a 9 month old puppy named Sampson.   #TwitterlessSampson, because I don’t believe pets should have access to social media.  Yes, I’m talking to the person whose cat has a facebook page. 

I’ve been in radio for the better part of 15 years (I started young).  I grew up in Indiana, and spend a majority of my childhood years there, this means I’m a Colts fan.  Sorry, but the Packers are my NFC team if that makes you feel any better.  

In my free time I love discovering local eats, listening to music – and seeing it live when possible.  I also enjoy basketball, watching football, and jumping out of airplanes.  Seriously.  I am a Class A USPA Licensed Skydiver.  It’s totally fun, and you should try it sometime. 

Two facts about me that will make you drop your jaw.  Ready?  1.  I’ve NEVER seen Star Wars.  2.  I don’t like brownies.

Alley: Mornings 6a-9a

The last movie I saw was: Breaking Dawn 2!  LOVED IT!  Especially the crazy ending!

I can’t wait for:  Summer!  It's been fun winter (NOT REALLY) but it is time for you to go!

Right now I can’t live without: Cinnamon raisin bread.  Yes, I know it's weird but I'm addicted and eat it every morning for breakfast!

Band/Artist I’m listening to right now: Um...does baby Einstein count?  Cause I hear a lot of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider these days.

The TV show I never miss is:  I'm a reality TV junkie, BUT a few of my faves are Real Housewives, Teen Mom, Modern Family and Nashville.

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