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The Entire 'Will & Grace' Series Is Now Available for Streaming

They’re FINALLY back… a week early! OK, sort of. Will & Grace ’s revival will hit the small screen next Thursday (September 28) on NBC, but you don’t have to wait that long to see Jack, Karen, Will & Grace. The Emmy-winning comedy FINALLY became available on streaming today (September 21)... Read More

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Take the Kid to Jail 9/20

Today’s OPP is from Candy and she needs your help! Candy has a 5 year old son who has been asking about where his dad is. He happens to be in jail and will be for another 7 years. Should Candy be honest with her son and take him for a visit to meet his dad or should she avoid the answer and... Read More

Slacker and Steve - Snake Stories (Audio)

A 48-year-old guy named Victor Pratt in Coolidge, Arizona was hosting his child's birthday party earlier this month when a rattlesnake showed up in the yard. Victor started showing off by grabbing it so he could cook it on the grill. When he posed for pictures wrestling with the snake, he lost his... Read More

BEWARE: There's a Netflix Email Scam Happening

There's a NETFLIX scam going around on the web, and you'll want to warn your friends and family about it. The scam is an attempt to steal your banking information. It begins when you receive an email that appears to be from the streaming service directly. It alleges that there's a problem with your... Read More

LISTEN: Macklemore & Kesha Release Powerful Collaboration

Macklemore and Kesha have collaborated for a powerful hip-hop ballad that was just released, we love the track. Today's release, which is titled, "Good Old Days," will appear on Macklemore's upcoming album, Gemini . The raw and honest track offers a glimpse into the past for each artist. Macklemore... Read More

98 Degrees Announce Tour and New Christmas Album, 'Let It Snow'

The holiday season is going to heat up this year as 98 Degrees embarks on a tour in support of their new Christmas album, Let It Snow . The October 13 release is a follow up to their 1999 This Christmas record. Let It Snow will bring fans twelve tracks which Nick Lachey , Drew Lachey , Jeff Timmons... Read More

WATCH: Lip Sync Conversation With Jimmy Fallon and Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week in support of her forthcoming album, Tell Me You Love Me . The pop star and host, Jimmy Fallon , had a lip sync conversation and it's hysterical. They each take turns mouthing the words to some of today's biggest hits... Read More

How Does the Toys 'R' Us Bankruptcy Affect Shoppers?

The nation’s largest toy retailer, Toys ‘R’ Us , filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a federal court yesterday. The company, which like many brick and mortar stores, has fallen victim to online shopping. The company is said to be looking to restructure about $5 billion in debt. _informq... Read More