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WATCH: Camila Cabello Premieres Two New Songs on Tour

Camila Cabello is on tour, and that means that we just got to hear TWO new songs from the pop star. Cabello kicked off the Never Be The Same Tour in Vancouver on Monday (April 9), and she treated fans to TWO new songs during the performance. The first is a bit of a “tropical track,” which Pharrell... Read More

LOOK: Nicki Minaj Will Drop Two New Tracks on Thursday

Finally! We have confirmation that Nicki Minaj is coming back! The rapper will release new music tomorrow (April 12). In fact, she’ll be releasing TWO new songs on Thursday. Nicki had been teasing an announcement on social media earlier this week, but those posts were deleted. Nicki’s tweets from... Read More

Could a '30 Rock' Revival Be in the Works?

We’ve been waiting for this news, and while nothing is confirmed just yet, a 30 Rock revival could be in the works. In an age where television revivals (from Will & Grace to Roseanne and Murphy Brown ) are all the rage, so NBC's 30 Rock seems like it is naturally a next step for a possible... Read More

VOTE: Sibling Battle: Hanson vs. The Jonas Brothers

Have you been on Facebook yet today? Yeah, you've seen ALL of those posts from your friends about how much they love their siblings. That's cool and all, but what about your favorite sibling bands? More specifically, we want to know about your favorite group of brothers. So in honor of National... Read More

LOOK: 5 Awesome Throwback Pictures of Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore makes us cry every week on her hit NBC show, This Is Us . However, before she became known as Rebecca Pearson on the hit show, she was dropping pop jams and making us cry in A Walk to Remember . Thankfully, we can get our fill of nostalgia from Mandy because she loves to share older... Read More