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Slacker and Steve - How You Found Out (Audio)

When Duston Holloway found his girl in bed with another guy, he walked away — but not before snapping some photographic evidence. The story goes that Duston came home and found his girlfriend sleeping with another guy beside her in bed. Apparently, they were so wasted that they had no idea he was... Read More

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Sister Dating Older (Audio)

Today's OPP is from Kaylee: Yi guys, I’m in college and went home to see my family for the weekend. When I was there I caught my 16 year old sister sneaking out of the house. She admitted to me that she was going to see a boyfriend that mom and dad wouldn’t approve of. I asked if I knew the guy and... Read More

Slacker and Steve - 911 Calls (Audio)

There comes a point in every marriage where one person asks the other person to go out and buy them ice cream. In some marriages, it happens like four to six times a week. A 37-year-old woman in Nashville, Tennessee named Rhonda Blythe-Dunham asked her husband to go out and get her ice cream on... Read More

LISTEN: Ariana Grande & Cashmere Cat Release New Track, "Quit"

For the third time in just a few years, Ariana Grande has teamed up with Cashmere Cat for a new song. The song, "Quit," was released today (April 28) on Cashmere Cat's first studio album, 9 . The song seems to tell the story of a lover that Grande can't resist. Grande's sweet vocals repeat, "Yeah,... Read More

Reports: Roseanne Revival (With Original Cast) Is in the Works

It's another '90's comeback! Deadline is reporting that an eight-episode revival of Roseanne is officially in the works. The show's stars are all expected reprise their roles, according to the report published on Friday. Yes, Roseanne Barr , John Goodman , Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf are all... Read More

Slacker and Steve - OPP: Cold Feet (Audio)

Today's OPP is from Krista: Yi Slacker & Steve, I’m getting married in a little over a month and I’m kind of freaking out. There are a thousand things running through my head and I’m not sure if I’m ready to get married. First, my ex texted me out of the blue a few weeks ago just to tell me a... Read More

Slacker and Steve - GMD: Daughter Surprise (Audio)

Matthew and Jackie have been married for 2 years and have no kids together. Matthew received a call from an ex-girlfriend in California surprising him with the news that he has a 6-year-old daughter. She got pregnant right before they had a break and she wasn’t going to let him be a part of the... Read More

LOOK: Beyonce Ordered Food From a Menu and Twitter Exploded

Beyoncé just set the internet on fire for doing something that you have probably already done a couple of times this year. Queen Bey posted a series of photos to Instagram last night from a dinner that she was attending. One of the photos used in that set seemed to show Beyoncé ordering from a menu... Read More