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Your Zodiac Sign Determines How Much You'll Do This

Do you get into Zodiac signs?

Well than I guess if you buy into the idea that your Zodiac sign determines EVERYTHING that happens in your life, that would include how often you talk yourself into spending time beating yourself up at the gym.
A new survey ranked how likely you are to regularly WORK OUT based on your astrological sign. 

Here are all 12 Zodiac signs in order from most to least fit!
1.  Taurus.
2.  Gemini.
3.  Aquarius.
4.  Libra.
5.  Capricorn.
6.  Cancer.
7.  Leo.
8.  Aries.
9.  Scorpio.
10.  Sagittarius.
11.  Pisces.
12.  Virgo.

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05/02/2013 6:21AM
Your Zodiac Sign Determines How Much You'll Do This
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