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You don't really know me


These are little details that every woman wishes her man would know and remember.  

1. Her bra size.  
2. Her daily coffee order.  
3. The random thing she said last week when she thought you were ignoring her.  
4. Her brand of tampons.  
5. How she likes her eggs.  
6. The sport she played in middle school that she was terrible at.
 7.  Her favorite grandparent when they passed.
8. How she met her best friend.
9. Her signature scent.  
10. When she went through her Goth faze.
11. The name of her beloved child pet.
 12. Her shoe size.  
13. Her brand of shampoo.  
14. The movie she loves to watch when she is sad.  
15. Her favorite PMS food.  
16. Her sibling's b-day.
 17.  Where she prefers to buy her underwear.

Slacker feels like if you describe your woman with numbers it is creepy cause it sounds like they are talking about a car not a person. Also thinks he would be poor at picking out a bra.

Steve used to bring coffee to his girlfriend and agrees when Slacker mentioned eggs as being important noting that you should have cooked them breakfast.

What do you really want your man to know? Does this stuff even matter? What is something that your man doesn't know about you that he should?

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10/16/2013 7:30PM
You don't really know me
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