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You be the Judge: Split the Lottery Ticket

If an employee of yours came in and claimed he had a dream that you won the lottery, what would you do? Well a London man listened and won! But there was a catch.
A judge in England ruled that a restaurant owner must give half of his $1.7 million lottery jackpot to an employee who helped convince him to play by predicting the win. As a result, Fatih Ozcan stands to collect about $857,000. Turkish restaurant owner Hayati Kucukkoylu bought a EuroMllions ticket in January 2012 and won the jackpot. Kucukkoylu paid for the ticket and chose the winning numbers, but Ozcan insisted that half of the winnings were his because he went and physically purchased the ticket after having a premonition about Kucukkoylu's good fortune. "He dreamt that he was holding a large bundle of cash and standing in front of him was his boss," Judge Mark Gosnell explained in his ruling. "Mr. Ozcan is a strong believer in the power of dreams and interpreted this to mean that he and Mr. Kucukkoylu would win the lottery." The employee "pestered" his boss for three hours before he decided to purchase the winning EuroMllions ticket, the Telegraph reported. "I find that the effect of these conversations was that Mr. Kucukkoylu and Mr. Ozcan entered into a contract to jointly play the lottery on an equal basis," Gosnell said. "There should be a declaration that the prize money from this winning lottery ticket should be shared equally between Mr. Kucukkoylu and Mr. Ozcan."
Slacker says morally you have to give the guy some money! He says that if you rarely buy a lotto ticket and a guy convinces you to, he definitely gets something. Slacker says if he was in this situation he would give the guy something like 20%.
Steve doesn’t think that half is fair, it’s too much money! He says that if he was in this situation he would for sure kick back some money.

You be the judge; should he have to split the lottery ticket or keep it for himself?
I say give the guy some money, he did convince you. I would possibly give him enough to maybe pay for like six months rent or soemthing of the sort. In my opinion though half is way to much because he didn't pick the numbers!

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07/16/2014 7:26PM
You be the Judge: Split the Lottery Ticket
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07/28/2015 6:34PM
He went to purchase the ticket so he had the numbers in his hand, there was nothing stopping him to purchase the exact same numbers on a separate ticket for himself if he had such a strong feeling. It was his conscious decision not to buy the same numbers since he had such a strong feeling. Or at least sign a note saying he gets half if he wins.
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