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You Wait Until The Possible Last Minute To Do This!

Are you headed on a vacation soon or are you one of the many that need one like yesterday?

According to a new survey on you and your vacations, HALF of us wait until the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE to pack.  Totally, I do that... that includes 54% of men and 46% of women.
Check out five other results from the survey . . .
1.  Men take a vacation an average of once a year, and women take a vacation an average of once every 10 months.
2.  People with kids go on MORE vacations than people without kids.
3.  90% of us want more vacation days.  (Who are the 10% who don't?)
4.  23% of people say they get NO paid vacation from work.  And of the people who do, HALF get less than three weeks.   
5.  And maybe this will finally lead to the death of one of the most horrible made-up words in the English language:  STAYCATION.  57% of people say that staying home for a vacation is OVER. 
All this vacation talk makes me want one, see ya!

04/26/2013 8:34AM
You Wait Until The Possible Last Minute To Do This!
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