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A man in New Zealand was drunk when he helped his friends steer a car out of a driveway. They didn’t start the engine and only pushed the car 9 ft away. A cop saw the whole thing and arrested the man for “exercising control over a vehicle while intoxicated”. He lost his license for 3 months and was fined 500$.

Slacker thins the law is crazy considering all he did was steer it. He doesn’t think anyone was in danger therefore the ticket was not necessary. He thinks it should be legal to sleep in your car if you are drunk without getting a ticket for it. He was drunk once and turned his car on because he was cold and a cop knocked on the window but did not give him a ticket. He thinks he was keeping others safe and keeping himself alive.

Steve thinks the man technically broke the law and deserved it. He says if you can reach the keys in your car while drunk you can get a ticket for it. He thinks the cop was kind of petty for waiting for them to get in trouble. He thinks the law can somewhat be a little extensive especially if you just want to sleep in your car.

Do you think he should have been arrested? What laws do you think are unnecessary?

I think the cop completely set them up by waiting for him to get in the car just to bust him. He could have given them a warning not to steer it while drunk.

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05/08/2014 7:22PM
You Be the Judge
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05/08/2014 10:02PM
Commonsense vs beaurocracy
What has happened here is blind enforcement of the law. The problem is our once great nation is that we don't allow for common sense anymore: like the zero tolerance policy for schools. Even something that looks remotely like a weapon is chargeable like a pop-tart bitten into the shape of a gun. We are truly run by a nation of idiots. We legislated the blank check of discretion to our public servants and will now pay the price forever.
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