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Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told Ya!


A family in Brazil was cleaning out a room in their house recently when they found their pet tortoise that they thought escaped…30 years earlier!  They took it to the vet and were told it is healthy and probably survived on termites and condensation.  They are very excited to have the pet tortoise back.  True story, but pretty unbelievable. 

Slacker and Steve do this topic every couple months and there are always people that don’t get through to share their story.  Here is your chance! They want you to blow them away with your “wouldn’t believe me if I told ya” stories.  Whether it’s a near death experience, a long lost family member, or record you’ve set, bring it on!

What wouldn’t we believe if you told us?

I had two pet lizards as a kid.  One of them escaped and I totally freaked out.  I thought they were totally cool when I played with them or looked at them in their cage, but if one of them suddenly showed up while I was taking a shower I knew I’d have a heart attack.  Low and behold, almost a year later, I was getting ready for school and I found it…in my dresser drawer on top of my t-shirts.  I jumped and screamed and put it back in its cage and then cried because I notice its tail had been cut off.  My story isn’t as cool but it was the first one that came to mind.  Haha!

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01/31/2013 6:22PM
Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told Ya!
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01/31/2013 6:39PM
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