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Worst Summer Ever


Summer time is here and it’s supposed to be a time of rest, relaxation, and good times...but it doesn't always turn out that way! Maybe you spent your entire vacation in the hospital. Maybe you slipped on the diving board and broke your leg. Maybe you singed off all your hair while lighting the grill!
Slacker talks about his summers as a child when his brothers convinced him his father was dead (he wasn’t), beaches being closed on a road trip, and being held up at gun point. He says that he supposedly went to Disneyland but looking back he is pretty sure he went to Knots Berry Farm. Slacker continues to say that he and his family went to Mexico and ended up driving the wrong way on a one way street! He says that the cops pulled them over and they barely had enough to pay the fines and get out of there!  Slacker says that another summer he got staph infection from scraping his foot in a pool, then got really sick and was given penicillin, found out he is allergic to it and then became even sicker!
Steve laughs hysterically at Slackers childhood summer stories.
What was your worst summer?
Intern Tyler

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07/16/2014 6:36PM
Worst Summer Ever
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