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Worst Firsts

First day of school. First day of work. First date. first kiss. Life is full of firsts, but they don’t always go as planned! What was your worst first?
Colton Haynes Shamelessly Live Tweeted a Couple's First Date and It's Hilariously Awkward
As if first dates aren't awkward enough, imagine having that date put on blast by a celebrity and his 936,000 Twitter followers. If you're a woman named Tracey (spelling yet to be verified) who recently went on a date with a guy you met online, you may be living that nightmare.
Colton Haynes, of Arrow and Teen Wolf fame, was just trying to live his life and eat some dinner when his meal was interrupted by one of the most awkward first dates ever. Since everyone loves a good live tweeting event, Haynes took to social media to document the adventures.
"I am sitting next to the a couple on their 1st date who met online and it's a conversation I have to live tweet about right now. Stay tuned"
"He's currently explaining to her the amount of women he's hooked up with after the first's a lot"
"O god...he's still married"
"She keeps tossing her hair...I honestly think she's into it. They r now discussing name pronunciation...I have to secretly film this"
"HE JUST CALLED HER THE WRONG NAME!!! After 30 mins of their date, he called her Terry...her name is Tracey"
"Let's just name him Dan...he looks like a Dan. I am now staying at dinner to see if his horrible lines work...why am I so invested?"
"Dan has a mullet...and a beard...2 things that could be love blinding Tracey...hurry the hell up Tracey, Jesus, the audience is waiting..."
"They r currently talkin about their current/past relationships and I'm now getting sad that I'm putting this on display...ok not anymore"
"Dan just said "There's a girl here that I call my cousin...but she's not my cousin, she's my ex girlfriend." I'm dying laughing"
"U guys...I am now sweatin laughing. I'm a terrible person but he just said he dated his second cousin once. I SWEAR ON MY LIFE HE SAID THAT"
"Can I get a moment of silence to see how's this is gonna end...................shhhhh"
"No joke, I just followed them out (without paying yet) and Tracey just peaced out!!! Tracey-1, Dan-0!!!! Note to self: Do this more often..."
Slacker said that his first days of school were always the worst, mainly because of the cloths he borrowed from his brothers. He says that he understands why Colton Haynes did what he did, because he doesn’t even pay attention to his wife when they go out! Slacker says he is much more interested in watching other people’s drama. He says that with his daughters first day of school it took multiple teachers to get her into the class, she was kicking and screaming the whole time!
Steve said that his first day of school was never a problem because he was always a rock star.
What was your worst first?
My worst first was my first kiss. I totally blew it! I thought the girl was going in for a hug so naturally I just put my head to the side and I got a cheek full of tongue… Needless to say I was very disappointed when she walked away in disgust!
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08/27/2014 4:21PM
Worst Firsts
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