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Work Confessions


There have been a ton of stories in the news lately of people confessing to unbelievable things they do at work.
An employee at a Pennsylvania water plant was arrested after he was caught peeing in a filtering unit. The employee was caught by the facilities chief water operator. He was charged with tampering with a public water system, institutional vandalism and criminal mischief. It wasn’t known WHY he didn't use a restroom…
Slacker claims that Steve never looks at these situations from other people’s point of view. He says it’s insane that the employee did this because of the potential bacteria he could have spread! Slacker says that he isn’t the one that gets called high maintenance at a coffee shop!  He says that if a barista says “Your mom called” then they will mess with your order, like give you decaf coffee instead.
Steve is grateful the employee did it in the filtration system because anywhere else it would have been bad! He says that every time Slacker and him go to a coffee place, the baristas always say “Your mom called” whenever Slacker orders.
What is your workplace confession?
Intern Tyler

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06/18/2014 4:21PM
Work Confessions
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