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What are you Worth?


High-end British department store John Lewis did an analysis of their bestselling women's products, deemed "handbag essentials." They calculated that the average British woman – who can afford to shop in their store, of course – is carrying around about $2,000 in assets ... simply with the junk in her purse. Things like expensive sunglasses, tech products, and top of the line makeup and perfume are just a few of the high ticket items in there.

Depending on the value of your purse and phone, the average woman is probably not carrying around $2,000 worth of crap in her purse. The crumpled up candy wrappers and receipts are certainly not increasing the value of the lip gloss from CVS and the sunglasses you picked up in the airport on your last vacation because you lost your expensive pair. So unless you are carrying around a lot of cash in that cute wallet you picked up at Target, the average American is probably carrying around under $500 worth of assets ... and that's including phone! (Cosmo)

Slacker guessed $600 for Steve and $8.50 for Little D.                                                                               Slacker:  Shirt=$50   Chucks=$90  Nike Field Band= $149   Underwear =$6   Headphones= $100  Wedding Ring=$2,000    IPhone 5 S =$1,000  Jeans:=$80  Prada Shades=$300                              Grand Total $3,775

Steve guessed $3500 for Slacker because of his shades, Wedding Ring and cell phone.        Steve:   Sweater =$80      T-shirt=$5     Headphones =$100     Jeans=$ 100    Shoes=$70    Underwear= $6   Cash=$200-$300   Sunglasses=$220      Phone= $ 1,000                                 Grand Total = $1,781-$1,881

Little D:     Shirts = $12  Jeans=$80    Nikes =$49     Headphones=$ 100     Ring=$17    Underwear =$6    Sunglasses =$12      Grand total=$276

Do you have expensive stuff in your purse? If you add up the value of everything you're wearing and have on you, what are you worth?

Jeans= $70    Shirt=$10    Jacket = $50   Shoes=$60    Bra=$75 Underwear=$10   Accessories = $50   Cell phone= $200   IPod Nano = $150   Chap Stick= $1   Advil= $6   Snack = $3   Keys=Hard to Replace    Wallet= Priceless
Grand total = $685 + My Life = Don’t leave it unattended!


11/07/2013 7:57PM
What are you Worth?
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