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Weird Weddings


Did you know there is such a thing as wedding insurance? It was made just in case one person gets cold feet; so the other isn't stuck with the bill for the caterers, flowers and DJ. We are talking weird weddings: theme wedding, under water weddings, karaoke weddings, or maybe a fight broke out! Here’s a few wedding traditions for other countries:

In Scotland, “The Blackening of the Bride” is when people throw stuff at the bride like curdled milk, tar, feathers, rotten food, and fish.

In Sparta, the brides shave their heads and dress like men.

In Korea the men get their feet beaten with fish.

In Ireland the bride’s feet must stay on the ground the entire time.

In Germany, they smash the brand new table wear given to them and the couple is expected
to clean up the mess together.

In America, we get drunk and make a toast.

Slacker is talking about the picture above and he isn’t making fun of anyone but did these people really dress up like Shrek and Fiona? America is boring. He doesn’t understand why there needs to be a cake, and all the flowers and everything.

Steve feels sorry for the brides in all the weird weddings because it “their day.” They should look beautiful.

Have you ever been to a weird wedding?

I have never been to one wedding. At all. I know…sad.

Intern Nikki

02/03/2014 6:21PM
Weird Weddings
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