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Weird Things Men Do

Women always want to know what men do when they're not looking. Among the list are:   
•           Flush mid-pee and race the toilet.
            •           Imagine how they would save their workplace or school from terrorists.
            •           Enter “Beast Mode” running up the steps when nobody is looking.
            •           Fantasize about their wife or girlfriend’s female friends.
            •           Blow their nose into their hands in the shower.
            •           Delete their search history.
Slacker thinks that women do not do things like this! They are both guilty of the peeing situation and try to race the flush. Weirdos. He said that if a guy came in a grocery store and take it over he would run to the can isle and throw them at the guy. You’ll need something big and heavy to beat someone up with. He admits to blowing his nose among many other things he does in the shower…
Steve definitely imagines what he would do if someone tried breaking into his house! He never runs up the stairs, at least when no one is around. Otherwise, he hauls up the stairs very fast. He doesn’t fantasize about his significant other’s friends because he would just go get them. And he never deletes his history- unless Slacker is going to fix his computer. Yikes!
Do women do weird things when men aren’t looking?

I dance in the mirror so I know I am on point. I also talk to myself in the mirror like I am having a conversation with myself when no one is there.
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03/17/2014 7:20PM
Weirs Things Men Do
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