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Slacker & Steve's Blog

We All Do It, But Won't Admit To It


Pretending to text while actually taking selfies... peeing in the shower... deep, unabashed nose picking. These are things we all do but are too chicken to admit it.

Slacker admits to wholeheartedly picking his nose when he’s alone. Steve won’t bend to that by claiming he always uses a tissue no matter where he is. Slacker and Steve both admitted to using the “OMG I didn’t see that text you sent two weeks ago…” excuse. Who knows why, but according to Lil D they’re both really bad at doing that. They also admitted to having every intention of baking cookies, but get so caught up in eating the batter they just give up on the whole baking part.

What are you willing to admit to doing?

I’m definitely one of those who eats the batter before baking. Often times I’m only left with half a sheet of cookies that actually made it to the oven. I also have a little shame in admitting that I’m capable of eating (by myself!) an entire package of Oreos in one day… especially the mint kind!

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

07/03/2013 4:24PM
We All Do It, But Won't Admit To It
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