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Steve is a weird-O. We all have those unusual weird things, but Steve might take the cake on this one.  He will only put premium gas in his snow blower, why? “It’s because that’s what the directions say…”

“A guy who mistreats his power tools, is going to be a bad dad” Steve trying to stand up for himself.  We still think he is a freak! Slacker’s wife refuses to buy the generic medicine for the kids.  Steve is on Slacker’s wife’s side. “The generic drug companies have the generic people working, not the top notch.” The census is that Slacker and Steve are both weird!

Do you have something that you are weird about?

I only put the toilet paper on the roll with the top sheet up.  Weird I know! But it’s just weird if the toilet paper sheet is hanging and not sitting on top.  The dishes also need to be stacked in a certain way.  Along with all clothes hanging in the closet need to be in order from light to dark, with all the labels facing the same way and by sleeve length.

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03/18/2013 4:38PM
Watcha Weird About
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