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Was Steve Being Racist?


Today, Slacker wanted to share something about Steve. Say if Steve was to ask Slacker for a stapler. When Slacker would hand over the stapler, Steve would reply with the words, “Thanks Brotha.” Well, last night Slacker and Steve went out to dinner for some BBQ. Their waiter was a black man and when he seated them, Steve as he always does, said “Thanks Brother,” and then he froze. He started to freak out. He didn’t want to come off racist. He did not mean it in that way what-so-ever. So, he wants to know, was that racist? Is he being racist by always saying “Thanks Brotha?”

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08/07/2013 4:32PM
Was Steve Being Racist?
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08/07/2013 4:41PM
Not racist
The idea of racism is to create a barrier between races and distinguish a better side. Slacker saying "Brotha" isn't racist due to the fact that he isn't signifying who is better than the other, race isn't objectified. Any word can be used between different ethnicities as long as it doesn't objectify a certain party. The "N" word is a different story because it has a belligerent past connected to the word; this meaning a word used to state dominance in the past will never be used for a positive perspective again. So no, Slacker just attributed to white guilt which is a racist idea itself as it puts other ethnicities on a pedestal higher than Caucasians seeing as whites now have to watch what they say around others for fear of offending the opposite party. Slacker saying "Brotha" wasn't racist but admitting to white guilt was.
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