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Walk of Shame

According to a recent Canadian Study there is a way men can ease a woman’s walk of shame.  Women are less likely to regret random sleepovers if it was satisfying.  Researchers interviewed women about uncommitted relations and found that bad “fun” is associated with disappointment, embarrassment and guilt.  However good “fun” rarely leads to regret; “great relations cause the release of oxytocin, a hormone your body produces promoting bonding.”  Study author Maryanne Fischer, Ph.D. this could lead her to believe it’s the start of a relationship.  They may not be able to promise forever, but using protection also reduces her regret. 
Slacker and a buddy went out one night, having some fun and meet “sister” (not sure if they were or weren’t) on the walk home Slacker took a little fall and scrapped up his knee pretty well that it took hours to stop bleeding.  Slacker and sister2 were lucky enough to get the pretty princess room.  The next morning waking up freaked out it looked like someone had died; his knee had bleed that much the night before. He had no name, so there was no problem; made sure she was alive and rolled out.  Outside not knowing where he was the taste of regret hit. 
What is your best or worst walk of shame story?
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03/21/2013 7:37PM
Walk of Shame
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