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Vigilante Justice


Most of the time it’s best to call the police when a crime is being committed…but sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands!

A Seattle marathon mom spotted a man stealing her husband's bicycle from her garage and took off after him. The woman -- who regularly runs half-marathons -- chased the man 10 blocks down the road until he ditched the bike and run off on foot. Deciding not to tackle him, she screamed for neighbors to dial 911 as she ran alongside him. The man was arrested. The woman told cops the guy "was welcome to run as long and far as he wanted. I had planned on six miles today but could probably do 12 if need be."

Slacker  got his vigilante justice… his car was side-swiped, so he hopped in and chased after her getting her information. 

How have you got your Vigilante Justice?

Intern Lauren

(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

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06/20/2013 6:18PM
Vigilante Justice
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06/20/2013 8:41PM
super heros
What were the names of the super hero dudes? Zero and something?
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