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Vegas Confessions


Las Vegas is installing Intellistreet lights: wireless, LED lighting, computer-operated lights that can play music, interact with pedestrians and are equipped with video screens that can display police alerts, weather alerts and traffic information. The high tech lights can also stream live video of activity in the surrounding area. But there's one major concern. These new street lights are also capable of recording video and audio. Some people worry this is another attempt by the government to invade the public's privacy. The head of the Public Works Department claims that the main reason for installing the new lighting system is to develop an experience for the people who go to downtown Las Vegas. Some cities in the UK and Holland already have street lights that can talk and take surveillance video. They also reprimand people for minor offenses like littering.

This got us thinking, if these cameras caught your most outrageous Vegas moment on tape, what would we see?

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

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11/12/2013 7:00PM
Vegas Confessions
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