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A teacher's assistant from the University of Iowa recently embarrassed herself after she accidentally sent her students nude photos of herself instead of answers to a math question!80 students received the shots in an Email that read: “Hi class, I attach the solutions for number 76 and 78 in this email. Best.”

Slacker has sent text messages to Steve by mistake that he meant to send to his wife and vice versa. There is a recall on the company email here at the station. I don’t know how she mistook sending the photos with a word document? Steve even I would not have been able to accomplish that kind of mistake. Slacker has almost thrown his phone in the toilet to try to stop a text from going through. We need to invent an app that has an extra step that confirms that you really want to send out those messages.

Little D was having a conversation via text with slacker during their night out and remembered all the messages from his phone were also going to his iPad that his wife was on. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Do you have an email, text, social media post you wish you could un-send?

I was once sending a text with photo included to my boyfriend with intimate content and I sent it to his dad instead by mistake. It was one of those…..I am constructing the message and was interrupted by a call from his dad about dinner that weekend. For some reasons the text gods said “transfer this text to the last call you made instead.” I immediately called him back instructing him not to open the message but the damage was already done. We had a good laugh but it is still a little weird knowing he has seen too much of me.


(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

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10/24/2013 8:16PM
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