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UltimateThanksgiving Waffles


Whether you’re a foodie looking for a new interesting recipe, or just plain stoned, we have a dish for you that will blow your mind: Waffle stuffing with gravy syrup. That’s right. All you do is throw the stuffing into the waffle iron so it’s all crunchy on the outside and perfect on the inside and drizzle some gravy (blended with syrup) over that for the ULTIMATE leftover feast. You’re welcome!

Slacker He knew this morning when I found this story that the guys were going to want to erect a statue of me because it was going to blow their minds more than ever before. Slacker makes four times the amount as is needed of stuffing and always has left overs. To top it all off add a little bit of mashed potatoes too. He also has the finger waffle maker!! Minds BLOWN!

Steve Hmmm gravy dipping sauce or pour it over the top? Awesome sauced!! At Subway I always order the tuna on white with a strip of mayo on top with American cheese. I was told that adding pepperoni to the tuna is good. Lil D says this is a popular choice and it is delicious.

Your turn…what can you teach us to BLOW OUR MINDS?!

11/20/2013 7:34PM
UltimateThanksgiving Waffles
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