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UPDATE: First Date at Home


We talked to Grace last week...she had a guy ask her out on a first date, but he wanted her to come to his house for the date! She has an update...she went on the date to the guys house. Everything was great but the guy kept disappearing and then he would come back a few minutes later. Turns out, the reason he wanted her to come to the house is because he cares for his disabled brother and couldn't leave him home alone. Grace said that is a deal breaker for her! She can't be with someone that has to devote so much time to someone else. She said all of his attention will always have to be on his brother.
What do you think about her decision?

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10/14/2013 10:48PM
UPDATE: First Date at Home
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10/15/2013 3:33PM
She is being honest.
Better to be honest about this. If she cannot share his time, she should not waste his time.
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