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Two twin girls were running in a race together when one of the twins collapsed after feeling a ‘pop’ in her leg. The other twin who was only 13 went back, put her sister on her back, and continued on with the race. When they got to the finish line she put her sister down and they crossed the line together.
Slacker says twins creep him out. He wants to know how many twins switch with each other for jobs, dates, and tests. He wants to know if twins are so much alike that they could switch with each other and no one would realize they switched. He thinks they can feel each other’s pain.

Steve wonders if Slacker was a twin whether he’d still be freaked out by twins. He thinks it’s stupid because you get disqualified in a race if you touch or assist another runner in a race. He thinks if he was a twin he would switch with them a lot to get out of things he doesn’t want to do.

What crazy thing have you done as a twin?

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05/15/2014 7:21PM
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