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Trash Talkers


A friend called into work sick but realized she needed a file from her desk, she went to go get it and overheard her co-workers talking trash about her! She now wants to know if she should confront them.

What would you do if this happened to you or what kind of advice do you have for her?

Slacker added that this can also apply to 'frien-enemys' that talks about everyone.

Intern Melinda

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01/16/2013 4:18PM
Trash Talkers
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01/16/2013 4:47PM
Back stabbing biotch
I deal with this all day, every day. The biggest problem is that the biotch that does all the trash talking and basically never works is the boss's pet, so nothing you do to try to get her to stop acting like a know it all biotch, the boss brushes it under the rug and ignores it. Example, she was contract worker for over a year. The minute the boss hired her on permanent, which wa inevitably going to happen cuz they used to work together elsewhere, shr immediately started trash talking every other contract worker. Back stabbing them to the boss so that they could never get hired on perm,or better still, would neverwanttoget hired on perm. We lose good workers, nice people because of the biotch and what she convinces the boss is wrong with the contractors.she is big,and lazy and a back stabbed and there is nothing anyone can doabout her. We all know HR is not going to do anything. They are only looking out for the company, not the worker bee's!
01/16/2013 5:27PM
Since I don't know how to call in
I would comment how much work done she got when she was sick, since she came in at lunch on "specific day" to get some files. Then look directly at them. Just leave it at that and leve THEM unsure how embarrassed they need to be.
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