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Tool Test


Men’s Health came out with a new article stating what makes a man a tool. The list is as follows:
-Takes selfies
-Wears a sleeveless jersey to a NBA game
-Instagrams food
-Wears sunglasses indoors or worse, at night
-Calls other guys by nicknames like champ, or boss
-Keeps sticker on flat brimmed hat
-Texts during dates

Slacker says tools are more often than not a man not a woman. He has he is down with being a fan of sports but the guys who paint their bodies with a single letter…they’re a tool. Slacker makes fun of Steve for wearing his sunglasses up the elevator and into the studio with them still on. Steve gave Slacker crap for wearing sunglasses at events but Slacker made a good point that if he puts them on his shirt and hugs someone they crush the glasses.

Steve wears his sunglasses indoors all the time. He says there’s an explanation and he had Lasik and they never told him when to take off the sunglasses. And he eventually has to pick them back on so it’s just a wasted motion. Steve does not text during dates. Or instagram his food.

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02/03/2014 7:18PM
Tool Test
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