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Tipping Someone You Know


When it comes to tipping Steve is very generous but the other day he ran into a situation that was a little awkward. Slacker and Steve were out at a bar/restaurant style place, and when they were seated, Steve recognized their server as a girl that he used to date. Things didn’t end well between them so Steve had to explain the situation to Slacker. She gave them good service but Steve didn’t want to leave her a good tip because of the way things ended.

Slacker said that he hates when he goes out to eat and he knows the server. If the service is horrible, you still have to leave them a good tip because you know them! In the end, Steve did the exact opposite of what he initially wanted to do. Instead of stiffing her, he left a huge tip to show her that he was better off without her.

What would you have done if you were Steve? Do you think it is ever okay to stiff a server?

- Lil D

(Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

04/16/2013 10:09PM
Tipping Someone You Know
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