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Time Machine


Everyone has a moment in their life where they wish they can go back in time and change something. It can be a great moment you wish to live over again or a painful one you want to erase!

 Slacker wants to go to the Dakotas and find out who the real Steve Weed is. He thinks Steve was a water/bat boy instead of being the amazing pitcher he claims to be. He doesn’t think you can use the time machine for the greater good, such as trying to stop Hitler. He wishes he would have accepted a publishing deal that offered him seven figures; instead he turned it down because his music was his “art.”
Steve wants to go back to see Slackers life. He would go back to freshman year in high school when he dissed his mom and accidentally pushed her over an ataman. He also would have stopped himself from dating a girl that went crazy.

What moment would you travel back in time to change what happened?

I am a student at Arapahoe High School and if I could go back to one moment in time. I wish I would have gotten to know the shooter so I could have reached out to him and saved a life that was taken because of him. Not only did he affect all the students at Arapahoe and take an innocent life but I wish I could have gotten to know him and possibly prevent the tragedy.

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02/11/2014 6:38PM
Time Machine
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