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Thought It Was Gone Forever


A New Jersey family lost not only their home during Super Storm Sandy, but their family dog as well. They tried looking for him for months after the storm, but never found him. The family decided it's time for them to find a new dog only to find him in the shelter a year later!

Slacker says if his dog was lost in a super storm he would look for maybe a week. Just because he knows it would just be gone. If it was a cat, he wouldn’t even try. Even if it was just a rain storm and his dog got lost, he would look for a couple days and that’s it. A person bought a math book at a flea market and the person’s dad was like hey, that’s my old math book. Sure enough, it was!

Steve says that is sad that the dog was at the shelter for a year and the family didn’t even go look there!

What have you lost that you thought was gone forever?

I lost my late grandmother’s diamond ring that I was absolutely in love with. I lost it several times. Once in the trash, once in a move, once in the laundry and every single time I found it! It is seriously unbelievable!


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05/06/2014 6:17PM
Thought It Was Gone Forever
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05/07/2014 2:05PM
I thought he was gone forever
When I was 7 years old, I saw this boy at the skating rink and immediately liked him. I told myself I would marry him one day... I conjured up the "guts" and tried skating up to him to say hi but he took off, so naturally I chased him around the rink! He ran into the girls bathroom by accident and I went in after him. I cornered him and we started talking. I told him to call me and gave him a tiny piece of paper with my name and number on it... I never thought he would call...But he did!!!! We dated off and on growing up and was ALWAYS THERE FOR ME. He was my best friend.. As a teenager I was lost and kept running away from home.. The last time my parents found me, I agreed to goto a Christian home in Canadian, TX to get myself straight. My bestfriend, and first true love went with us.. As my father drove, we sat in the back of his 86 crown vic station wagon talking and cuddling the whole trip. Little did I know I would probably never see him again... I stayed in TX for a year and then came back to Colorado to finish high school. I tried to find him but he learned to hide well. As the years progressed and life went on, we saw each other a couple of times and each of those times wasn't the "right" time for us to get back together. I was married and he was expecting his first daughter with his girlfriend.... So life just went on and we didn't keep in touch.. To make a very long romantic love story a bit short, in 2007 I was searching for his nickname on myspace and found him.. I was in awe and didn't really believe it was him BUT IT WAS!!. So, once again, I conjured up the courage and sent him an email. When he answered, my heart melted immensely. :) Anyway, we have been together and happily married since July 2009. I thought my true love was gone forever but he came back to me !!!!! P.s. If you happen to read this on the air, please keep it a bit vague(dates and such) I was going through a seperation/divorce when I found
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