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Thought It Was Gone Forever


William Kay-Dahr of Indiana has been reunited with his Army duffel bag after nearly 70 years.  Kay-Dahr served overseas in France during WWII and lost his duffel bag before being captured by Germans and forced to march across France and Germany.  His POW camp was freed in 1945.  A young man in France just found the duffel bag in his grandfather’s attic and tracked the soldier down through a military museum.  Completely intact, the bag was returned to its rightful owner after almost 70 years!

Steve told a story of a kid that had brought home a text book and the father saw it, realized and proved that it was the exact same text book that he had used as a child.  Slacker’s wife lost her diamond out of her wedding ring and is still waiting for the janitors to call and say that they have found it.  Other than that, the only other stories they know of are the “typical” sewage workers that find a class ring and return it just so they can live out their fifteen minutes of fame on the local news.

What have you thought was gone forever?

I recently lost fifty bucks in my house and still can’t remember where I put it.  But more importantly, my sister lost a ring that meant a lot to her at the beginning of the summer.  She said she looked everywhere for it and was upset that it had been months and still not shown up.  I was vacuuming her room, because I’m such a nice sister, and found it wedged between the base of a chair and her carpet.  I was so excited that I drove to her work in my dirty-clean-the-house-clothes before I finished vacuuming and gave it to her.

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01/14/2013 6:21PM
Thought It Was Gone Forever
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