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Thought It Was Gone Forever

A woman from Bridgewater, Massachusetts was reunited with her diamond engagement ring 17-years after she'd lost it.The woman lost the ring outside of her sister's house 17-years ago.  The family looked and even used a metal detector but never found it. Her sister recently met a jewelry-hunter enthusiast and had him come over to look for the ring.  It took him just 40-minutes to find it. The sister and the woman's husband surprised her with the ring on their 21st wedding anniversary.

There are so many stories of people losing rings, more common than an enegagement/wedding ring is people's class rings, and getting them returned to them. Steve's favorite find story, a girl found an old math book and bought it for her dad because he was into mathmatics. When she gave it to him, he confidently said 'that's my book', fliped through the pages and there was his name. Slacker's story works a little backwords. He had a white guitar with 'Steinberger' written on it that was stolen out of a station vehicle. He's confident that the person who has it doesn't know how much it's worth.
What's your “I Thought It Was Gone Forever” story?

(Photos Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

11/13/2012 8:56PM
Thought It Was Gone Forever
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