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Things Your Parents Say Wrong


We all love our parents but even they say the darnedest things like P.J. Chung's, Chip-oh-tay for Chipotle, The Facebook, Tweeter, Fifty-Cents, and the list goes on.

Slacker’s parents say warsh instead of wash and they’re even from here! They also pronounce Chipotle wrong like Chip-Oh-Tay. Slacker apologizes on air because he knows they’re listening. But he admits to saying Wynkoop as win-coop, when it is pronounced as wine-coop. He ponders why people put ‘the’ in front of stuff. Like The Facebook, The AIDS, The cancer. NO! That’s not right. A pet peeve of Slacker’s is when people get their feeling hurt, but pronounce it as fillings. That is just crazy.

Steve said that one of the biggest pet peeves is when people say pitcher for picture. It drives him insane. A pitcher is a vessel of water, not a photo. You know the drink that is half champagne and half orange juice? Yeah, he pronounces it as Hermosa like the city. Dummy. His other one is jewelry. He pronounces it as jewel-ry. But really it has 3 syllables. Jew-el-ry.

What do your parents say wrong?

My mother asks me every day, “How was Steve and Slacker?!” I say, “Mom, it’s Slacker and Steve.” She replies, “Same thing.” Ha! I love her.

Intern Nikki

(Photo courtesy flickr.com)

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03/18/2014 7:20PM
Things Your Parents Say Wrong
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