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The Worst Fashion Trends Of The Century

Do you have a fashion pet peeve?  For me, I'm over the yoga pant trend (sorry ladies) It's just extremely unflattering unless you have a perfect figure. (I know, now you hate me, sorry)

Whether you are into fashion or not, I think we can agree that there's some bad fashion trends out there!  

A new poll asked people to rank the worst fashion trends of the 21st century

Here are the results, in order . . .
Sagging pants and exposed underwear on men. (hello Justin Bieber!)
Jeggings . . . meaning tight leggings that look like jeans. (I do like the Pajama Jean infomercials though)
Cheap jewelry or too much jewelry (What's up Mr T)
Women's hot pants. (No comment, I don't want to pick on the ladies too much)
Wearing a denim shirt or jacket with jeans. (I think this is coming around again too, yikes!)
Fake designer purses. (but I give you partial pass on this since I you don't all have $1000's to toss into name brands all the time)
Wearing athletic gear at all times. (yoga pants!)
Socks with sandals. (Sorry fella's, but it's true!  What's amazing about this is that guys that do this, tend to have their shirt off at festivals so maybe if they could leave their shirt on, and take their socks off the body temp would balance it self!)
Did we miss anything? 

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03/12/2013 7:28AM
The Worst Fashion Trends Of The Century
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