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The Roomate from Hell

Slacker mentioned his ex wife would sleep over at his house and eventually started bringing stuff over every week. She had just signed a lease at her own place so she started  to purposly leave things around the house to force her actual roommate to break the lease, so she could live with him.

A man in Mesa, Arizona was arrested after he allegedly went after his roommate with a sledgehammer.

The victim called 911 and said that he was trying to break up an argument between his roommate and his brother when the suspect began smashing the bedroom door with the sledgehammer.

The 911 operator also heard him threatening to kill the victim, but officers showed up and helped the man and his dog to climb through a window to safety.

The SWAT team was called when the suspect refused to come out, but he was eventually arrested.

And, yes, alcohol was definitely a factor.

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01/04/2013 4:15PM
The Roomate from Hell
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