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The Reason You Should Not Drink Fast Food Beverages!

Are you a Germaphobe?

What about when you're eating out?

New research reveals that you might want to be passing on fast food beverages!

In a new study of fast food places, researchers found more bacteria on the ICE from the ice machines than in the TOILETS!

For the study, researchers swabbed the ice from their drinks and the toilets at McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC.  And at about three of every five locations, the ice contained bacteria including things as serious as E. coli, ewww!
The theory here is that the employees clean the bathrooms pretty regularly, but don't clean the ice machine so often.  That leads to more bacteria building up in the ice machine than in the toilets.
Now . . . this DOESN'T necessarily mean you'll get sicker from drinking the ice than drinking out of the toilet.  But if you drink from enough cups with nasty fast food ice, you could run the risk of getting sick.  

Happy eating!

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06/03/2013 8:07AM
The Reason You Should Not Drink Fast Food Beverages!
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