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The Reason Mosquitos Bite Some People More Than Others

Are you like me and you feel like Musquitos bite you more than everybody else?

Well every summer I just get bit up, and I always wonder why!

Dr. Phil Koehler with the University of Florida says your metabolism and your unique body chemistry play important roles in determining whether or not mosquitos are more attracted to you.

Koehler says, "Also, there's evidence that your degree of attractiveness to mosquitos can change over time."

Koehler says that previous research has shown mosquitos prefer blood type O, are 500-times more active during a full moon, are highly attracted to the smell of dirty feet, and often bite people who just drank a beer or are pregnant more often than a sober or not pregnant person.

Why do you think we get bit more than others?

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07/17/2013 5:58AM
The Reason Mosquitos Bite Some People More Than Others
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