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The Real #1 Reason We Go To Music Festivals

How pumped are you that the festival season is here?

How many are you planning on going to?

Well if you're headed to Summerfest or any other music festival, music isn't the main reason... apparently everyone else is there for the drugs and the possibility of getting some strange!
According to a new survey, only 45% of the people at music festivals are just there for the MUSIC.  That means the MAJORITY are there for a little somethin' else . . . I guess that's not surprising.
One in four people say that they've had relations with someone they met at a music festival . . . one in four have done DRUGS there . . . and one in eight have gotten into a FIGHT. (that one's lame!)
47% of people say they've done things at concerts that they'd never even CONSIDER doing anywhere else. (Well duh?)

Oh, and before you roll your eyes and think this is just dumb kids, it's not just young people causing trouble.  Among people over age 45, 9% have used drugs at a show . . . one in five have gotten drunk . . . 10% have had sex with someone they met there . . . and 2% have gotten into a fight. 

Speaking of music festivals, you can win Summerfest tickets all this week just by listening to KISS-FM, so the tickets are on us, the bad decisions are up to you!

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06/12/2013 7:00AM
The Real #1 Reason We Go To Music Festivals
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