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Do you have bad news that you just can’t bear to tell someone? Or good news that you’re too scared or nervous to tell someone! Good news! We can do it for you! Let us know your good or bad news that you’d like to break to someone and we’ll announce it for you!

Slacker says Steve would be great at quitting a job for someone. He thinks it would get blown out of proportion if they call people to break up with them for someone. He doesn’t really want to ruin people’s relationships on the air.

Steve says he has trouble breaking up with people himself but he’d be willing to do it for other people. He’s just glad they won’t have to deal with the repercussions that the people calling will have to deal with when they break up with someone on live radio.

What news do you have to break to someone?

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04/18/2014 4:25PM
The Bad News Bearers
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