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Terrifying Teachers

Teacher Fired For Ordering 8th Graders To Beat Up A 7th Grader
A veteran teacher in St. Lucie Florida became part of the nations bullying problem.
She encouraged six 8th graders to beat up a 7th grader last year.  
Surveillance caught the woman pointing out the student and told the 8th graders to "Teach him a lesson."
The victims mother stated, "He said that they brought him in the hallway, and that they held him down, they kicked him, they stomped him, they beat him. And as he was trying to get away, they just basically like, continued to just torture him."
Supposedly the issue was sparked when she told him to be quiet and he said, “I wish I could curse at a teacher.” 
He admitted being disrespectful, but never threatened her in any way.
The students who did the attacking were arrested.
The teacher couldn't be fired right away due to the requirement of a hearing, but in the end, she's been FIRED.

Teacher gave 15-year-old pupil lap dance on birthday because ‘class convinced her to do it’
A schoolteacher has told a court she gave a 15-year-old student a lap dance for his birthday because the rest of her class ‘convinced her to do it’.
Felicia Smith, who teaches at Stovall Middle School in Houston, Texas, was defending herself against a charge of participating in an improper relationship with a student.
Police confirmed they had obtained a video that showed the 42-year-old teacher putting her head between the pupil’s legs while she was on her knees.
She also apparently ‘grinded’ against the teenager’s body and he is said to have slapped her rear end during the incident on February 26.
Aldine Independent School District said Smith had been removed from campus during the investigation.
‘The district takes this allegation seriously and is fully cooperating with prosecutors,’ they said.
‘The safety and security of our students will continue to be a top priority in Aldine ISD.’

Teacher On Leave After Leaving Angry ‘Pocket Dial’ Voice Mail
A Twin Cities teacher is on paid administrative leave after leaving a message in which she could be heard saying she might strangle a student.
The message was left on the voice mail of the mother of a hearing-impaired first grader at Fernbrook Elementary in Maple Grove, and was allegedly the result of a “pocket dial.”
In the message, special education teacher Mimi Klane can also be heard wondering why some students are attending public schools. The message may have been left by accident, but it has left a Twin Cities family badly shaken.
Bree Pogodzinski’s daughter, Jasmine, is a very active 6 year old with a severe hearing impairment. She always enjoyed school until Klane left the pocket dial message on her mother’s phone.
“I thought it would get better, but it hasn’t,” Bree said. “To be so angry. She is 6 years old.”
As soon as Bree reported the incident, the teacher was put on paid administrative leave. The district’s attorney said it’s unclear how long Jasmine’s teacher will stay on paid leave. The district says Klane has no prior complaints against her in her 15 years of service.

Slacker had a teacher strangle him against a locker and he deserved it too, but it doesn’t make it right. He also says that teachers always get caught, so why do they keep doing it? If a teacher thinks a 15 year old is hot, they have problems.

Steve said a teacher grabbed his head and slammed it against the wall. But he says he deserved it.

What terrifying teacher story do you have?

We   teacher give everyone A’s on all their grades on the last day of school. She ended up having a ton of mental problems and we always smelled alcohol on her breath. She was crazy.


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04/29/2014 6:22PM
Terrifying Teachers
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