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Terrible Teachers

We have all come across many teachers in our life. There have been stories in the News of many teachers showing up to class drunk. One of which, wasn’t even wearing pants. She was found in an empty classroom, yikes! Another school tries to get a teacher fired for playing Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ to students and teaching them how to grind on a chair. A teacher even tried getting a student suspended for saying, “Bless you” to another student.
Slacker says this is all in honor of everyone going back to school! He said it took about three teachers to pry his daughter off his wife on her first day of class. He thinks you most definitely have got to be drunk to deal with high school students, so he understands.
Steve says he never cried, especially not on his first day of school. The drunken lady who took a cab to her first day of class was being responsible in Steve’s eyes.
What bad teacher experience have you had?
My Spanish teacher told me I talked too much so I wasn’t allowed to talk for the rest of the week. I then proceeded to get kicked out of the class every day to the point where my desk was just waiting out in the hall for me. I enjoyed it!
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08/25/2014 6:49PM
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