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Technology Screwed Me Over


A military veteran from Kentucky man is now facing 3 years in jail because his GPS lead him to Canada. He and his wife were on a getaway to Vermont, but the GPS lead them to the border of Canada where border patrol proceeded to search the car. They found a gun and they charged him with smuggling a weapon into the country.

Slacker makes fun of Steve because always has troubles with anything technological. He couldn’t fix Steve’s phone.

Steve says he is a victim of this all the time. Just today Slacker tried fixing Steve’s phone because he doesn’t know how to! He couldn’t figure out how to put the station email on his phone and Slacker couldn’t either apparently.

Lil’ D was on a road trip and they went to Niagara Falls by Canada. The GPS was flipped around and they made a wrong turn so that they were headed towards the Canadian Border. So the guy he was traveling with told Lil' D that he had weed. Lil D' flipped out. So they got to the border and of course border patrol wanted to search the car. Him and this other guy were interrogated for four hours and were asked a ton of ridiculous questions. Eventually they were let go and they never found the weed. Phew!

How has technology screwed you over?

My phone butt dialed my mother when I was in the middle of relations with my ex-boyfriend. And my mother is a saint. She listened to us for 5 minutes. Talk about awkward.

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02/10/2014 6:21PM
Technology Screwed Me Over
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